18.5 ton

Bucket capacity (SAE HEAPED)


Engine power (SAE j1349, net)

116/1,900 kW/rpm


Great Productivity & High Fuel Efficiency


The DX190WA is designed to deliver the industry's No.1 productivity and fuel efficiency thanks to its highly durable parts and advanced fuel-control technology.



Durable components guarantee sufficient working hours without any down-time.

Performance & Stability


Maximum performance delivered by Doosan engine perfectly harmonizes with the hydraulic system to deliver maximum power. Mechanical engine providing high resistance to moisture, dust, and poor quality fuel.

Fuel Efficiency


Our relief cut-off technology prevents the transfer of unnecessary flow to maintain a powerful working level at the maximum value while reducing fuel consumption. When operator takes a break with the joystick kept fixed, both engine and pump are kept in standby mode at the maximum rotation rate and hydraulic power. In such a case, unnecessary fuel consumption occurs. Engine & pump matching, our new technology, fully resolves these problems. Matching the response time between pump and engine efficiently reduces unnecessary fuel consumption as well as exhaust fumes.


Machine series
18.5 ton
Bucket capacity (SAE HEAPED)
0.76 m3
Engine power (SAE j1349, net)
116/1,900 kW/rpm
Engine type
Maximum reach ground
9,190 mm
Maximum digging depth
5,950 mm
Maximum digging height
9,335 mm
Overall length
8,750 mm
Overall width
2,530 mm
Overall height
3,310 mm
Travel speed forward
36/32/10/3 km/h

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